Our Services

We offer on-site support. We will assign to your organization an experienced technician who will provide ‘end-to-end’ solutions. Our technician will undertake an assessment based on your complaints and recommend a course of action and provide a solution within shortest possible time.

Preventive Maintenance: Every electronics/mechanical product requires general service and precautionary measures for a better life span of the product. Every month our engineer shall visit your office for a performance and preventive check, apart from the normal scheduled calls.

Temporary Device Replacement: Subject to agreement, if any of your devices has a problem that can’t be repaired immediately, MSCL shall provide you with Temporary Equipment Replacement during the time your device is being repaired. This will ensure there is no ‘down time’ in your operations while repairs are being undertaken.

Dedicated Engineer: For organizations with over 100 (One Hundred) devices, MSCL offers a dedicated engineer exclusively stationed within your organization FOR FREE.

For fast, efficient and more cost-effective solution to your technical problems, we will fashion a Service Protocol Document to guide your staff on how to resolve basic problems with office equipment without the need to call on us thereby saving your organization money. We will also be available 24 hours by telephone to provide remote solutions to your problems where possible to ensure there is minimum impact on your business operations.

Below are some key benefits of our Annual Maintenance Contract:

  1. Superior service support levels at lower overall cost to your organization
  2. Fixed and predetermined costs for ALL our services.
  3. MSCL offers 16 years of solid reputation and business integrity.
  4. Lower spare parts costs due to MSCL’s relationship with manufacturers
  5. Savings will allow your organization reallocate budget to other business challenges.
  6. Higher systems ROI by extending usability.
  7. Supplementing in-house maintenance at low costs.
  8. Certified technicians skilled in cross-platform environments.
  9. Cut out risk of dealing with unprofessional service providers

Our AMC Fees

Our Annual Management Fee structure offers the key advantage of being uniform and affordable as well as fixed and predetermined.

The payment structure is as follows:

  • A one off/one time AMC  Sign on Fee  payable at commencement of the Support Plan
  • A monthly flat/predetermined  fee, or,
  • A flat/predetermined fee payable per transaction.

Our charges are affordable and determined based on evaluation of volumes and type of devices/infrastructure proposed to be covered under the AMC