The McDorsey Franchise Program

We are registered/Approved Vendor to All MNOs (Mobile Network Operators).We are also the 1st Company to offer warranty services on Mobile phones in Nigeria. Join the Network and own the Brand


Whether for product support or product distribution, MSCL and its partners have strong basis to believe that they will continue to enjoy strong growth in market share and profitability of its businesses.


MSCL is a leading provider of international standard After Sale Support and Accredited Distributor for a wide array of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).


The Customer, they say is always king.Our affiliations are a true test of our never ending drive to put our customers needs before ours.


McDorsey Service Company offers an affordable and reliable solution for the Repair & Return Service industry.

Do You Want Our Business?

What You Need To Become A Franchise:

  • Area : 100 Sq Ft-200 Sq Ft
  • Franchise Categories
  • Category A: N2, 249, 999.00
  • Category B: N684, 999.00
  • Royalty/Commission : 20 % of the service bills



12 Months

Over 100%

Franchise Benefits and expected Support as a Franchise:

  • Your Franchise will earn Instant income from Network operators, manufacturer and end user as a result of McDorsey existing SLA’s with brands like Airtel, Etisalat, Haier, Huawei, ZTE , Prestigio and others.

  • Product Distribution Options: Franchise will be appointed McDorsey Authorized Sales Point for all products available in McDorsey Head Office.

  • The Product Distribution & Sales part of your Franchise can buy stock at Accredited Distributor Prices from world leading brands like HP, Huawei, ZTE, Dell, Prestigio etc

  • Once you are appointed as a Franchisee, no other Franchise will be opened in region close to your outlet to avoid unhealthy competition

  • All devices and accessories provided to Franchise outlet shall be at lowest market prices

  • Unparalleled support for all Successful Trainees
  • 2 highly trained McDorsey technicians will be deployed to your franchise outlet, with remote/Online technical support from McDorsey Head Office.

  • 1 Month Training for your two nominated Customer Care Executive about the Customer Care process.

  • 1 Month Training for your one nominated QC Staff for the Quality Control and Reporting.

  • You will be provided One Kit of basic technical equipments.
  • Access to Genuine Spare Parts at much discounted rates.


  • A “McDorsey Authorized Partner” signage shall be provided to your franchise

  • Your Franchise staff shall be provided 2 units of McDorsey uniforms and ID card each.

  • NOTE; Your Franchise outlet MUST exclusively be used for product service, product sales and ONLY other telecom related businesses/transactions.

  • A warranty management software support shall be provided to your franchise to enable efficient management of the operations and management of inventory of spare parts.

Marketing & Advertisement Support:

  • McDorsey shall sends an email newsletter to its data base of customers informing them about the new franchisee and its contact details (Address, Phone Numbers, contact persons).

  • Details of your Franchise location will be forwarded to all Major McDorsey Partners like AIrtel, Glo, ZTE, Huawei, Prestigio, etc so they can direct customers looking for services/products to your Franchise.

  • McDorsey will undertake regular free emails marketing and SMS marketing support to boost operations at your Franchise.


Do You Want Our Business?

McDorsey allows it Franchise Partners to fully Brand their Franchise (McDorsey Bill Boards, uniforms, ID cards etc)

Your business Franchise will be appointed McDorsey Authorized Sales Point for ALL range of products and services for which McDorsey Services Company is Accredited.

We will offer 1 Months Training program for 1 (one) technician nominated by you

There will be a one Month Training program for one Customer Care Executive nominated by you

One Week Training for your nominated Marketing & Business Strategy officer/representative